Facts about SYMBIOSES

Facts about SYMBIOSES

SYMBIOSES is an impact assessment simulation technology for the investigation of oil spills and their impact on fish populations

SYMBIOSES increases scientific understanding in support of the ecosystem approach to marine management

SYMBIOSES was developed by Akvaplan-niva (head of project), Institute of Marine Research, SINTEF, and UiT The Arctic University of Norway, together with 13 international partners

SYMBIOSES includes four state-of-the-art models:
• oil fate and transport
• ocean dynamics
• movement and development of fish eggs and larvae
• multi-species population interactions

SYMBIOSES has been applied to the Northeast Arctic cod population and its spawning areas in Lofoten–Vesterålen

SYMBIOSES will be developed for several additional fish species (haddock, herring, capelin, saithe, polar cod) and with further improvements in the ecological realism

Contact information: jlc@akvaplan.niva.no